Women's Tips and Tricks: Different ways to style your bangs!

Blow dry picSwoop Bang:
For a quick and easy way to style your bangs without the round brush! If you have wavy or curly hair you may want to take the round brush at the very end or even a flat iron to smooth the hair out.
The point of a swoop bang is for it to lay across the forehead. The key to making it lay across your forehead is over directing that hair in the opposite direction of the way you wear your bangs. What this does is forces the hair in a direction that is different from it's growth pattern/and or the way it's "used to" falling. Creating what we call a kind of "push back" movement. For instance, if you wear your bangs over to the left side of your face like I do in this video, you will see that I am blow drying my bangs to the right side and even straight down a bit just to create some sleekness and smoothness.
Because I dried the bangs in the opposite direction, now that they are dry and I'm layingthem to the left they're going "push back" just a bit toward the right sidebecause that's the side we dried them to, however that iswhat gives them their swoop effect and makes them fall ACROSS the forehead.

Braid picBang Braid: take your bang section and split it into three equal sections. Now my braid is what we call the invisible French braid, meaning when we take our side pieces of the braid we braid under the middle section. If you want the braid to "show" on the top and be more visible then you would braid your side pieces over the middle section. This is a quick easy way to style your bangs, but keeping them out of your way at the same time in case you don't feel like wearing them as a bang for the day.