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Perming your hair is a great way to achieve lovely waving curls by washing the hair and then wrapping it around perming rods to create a “permanent wave”. Perm solutions are used to break the hair’s natural bonds. The hair then reforms to the shape of the curling rods, producing a curl or wave. The product breaks some of the cross links of the protein chains and softens the hair’s inner structure.  During this chemical process the hair will stretch, soften then reform molding to the shape of the perming rod.  A good perm on healthy hair will provide your hair beautiful spiraling curls, add body, or even straighten your hair if you desire.

Permanent Wave Perm

Perm Points to Ponder!

1. It’s important to keep your hair healthy after your perm. Be sure to continue to maintain your perm with a hair oil to help heal the hair and keep it from frizzing. Your Hairzoo stylist will be able to direct you towards the best hair care product for maintaining your new stylish look.

2. Perms are long lasting. Hairzoo’s Ultimate Guest Experience guarantees that high quality solutions are used for the best results and less damage for a longer lasting perm.  In order to achieve a natural flowing curl, larger curling rods can be used, which provides an option to change up the look of your perm.  No matter what style you choose, good perms should last around six months. If your hair is naturally curly, the extra perming could last almost a year. Take into account your hair texture and desired end result when discussing with your Hairzoo stylist.

3. Perms could lighten your hair color.  The perming solutions may lighten your hair color about one shade providing you a natural sun kissed look.  If you color your hair, make sure to speak with your Hairzoo stylist about combining a color treatment with your perm.

4. A perm requires proper maintenance for the short-term as well. Be sure not to wash your hair for at least two days after receiving a perm.  If you wash too early the perm won’t set or last very long. Also avoid using the hairdryer when your hair is still wet, like after a shower. Using a hairdryer can destroy the natural curl and lead to frizzy hair. It is always best to let your hair naturally air dry. You may gently absorb water with a towel but be sure not to vigorously rub. The best way to treat a fresh perm is to allow time and natural air to help set the perm. This will ensure your perm remains curly for as long as possible.

5. Perming will shorten your hair length due to the curl.  This is often overlooked, so don’t forget that much like a spring, your hair will bounce up and wear shorter. Perming will affect every hair type a bit differently but in general most people will lose around 30% of their original length.  As the hair curls up it gives your hair a very full and voluminous look and feel.

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