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Color applications are always best performed by a Hairzoo professional, whether for a simple application, a permanent color or a more complicated treatment.


There are two major approaches to hair color: An overall color using one color tint, or multiple colors and applications to produce variations in tone. The most popular applications are highlights, lowlights and a combination of other techniques such as balayage, ombre, and splashlights.

Hair Color Application

Highlights involve lifting or lightening of sections of the hair to produce a variety of stylish effects. This can be gently spread throughout the hair for a natural look or be concentrated on the tips, bangs and other areas to create a different finish.

  1. Foiling.  Foiling will streak the hair with lighteners. This technique is not used to achieve a natural fade or look but to give the hair a more stylized feel.
  2. Hair Painting.  Hair painting refers to the application technique where the color is applied freehand or without separating the areas of the hair which will be treated. Since color is applied freehand, directly onto the hair without separation, the end effect will give the hair a natural blend of highlights.
  3. Frosting.  Frosting is a process of highlighting the very tips of the hair. Frosting is more popular with men or women with very short hair.
  4. Chunking.  Chunking is a form of highlighting in which the hair is lightened in larger chunks of hair. This technique does not try to achieve a natural look or fading, but instead is used to gain a stylized feel.
  5. Lowlights.  Lowlights are great for achieving more depth, texture, and complementary tones. Lowlights utilize darker colors on various sections of hair.
Hair Highlights

Balayage and Ombre

  1. Balayage.  Balayage means ‘to sweep’ in French as the stylist will sweep a brush up and down coating the front of the hair and leaving you with a natural, sun kissed look.
  2. Ombre. This extremely popular technique fades the hair from the darkest color tone starting closest to the scalp and gradually lightens towards the ends or tips.  The ombre technique lightens the hair in a soft gradation where the hair is lightest at the ends and gently darkens as it gets closer to the roots.  Ombre is meant to give the hair a natural faded look, as if the hair was naturally lightened by the sun. The major advantage of Ombre is that as the roots grow out, the look is maintained.

Consider these hairstyles, techniques and tips when walking in or making your reservation at a Hairzoo near you. No matter what color you want, the Hairzoo Ultimate Guest Experience will ensure that we’re here to help you achieve that stylish look! We are close by and have 8 locations in and around Rochester, NY.

Hair Balayage & Ombre


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