Almost all men and women will experience some type of hair removal.  Whether it is shaving with a razor, using hair removal cream, or plucking eyebrows, it’s practically unavoidable. If you’re a traditionalist, a professional straight razor
shave may be your tool of choice. There are permanent treatments like laser removal but they can be expensive. Therefore, you will want to consider waxing as a semi-permanent hair removal treatment.  It will last longer than shaving and will save time and money in continual maintenance.

Hairzoo Waxing Services

Hot and Cold Wax

Wax can be applied both hot and cold.  They are both made from the same base materials, beeswax or paraffin resin.  The hot wax process begins with heating the wax to a liquid state.  The melted wax is applied to an area of skin with a plastic spatula, covered with a cloth, and left to harden.  The hair will sink into the hot wax and as it cools the wax will return to its solid state trapping the hair within. Once the wax has set, the cloth is quickly pulled away in opposite the direction of the hair growth.  The cloth, wax, and hair will be removed all at once, leaving a smooth skin surface. Because hot wax melts over the hair, it has the best chances of removing all the hair on the first attempt, making it an effective hair removal.  Waxing is always best performed by a professional at Hairzoo.

The Benefits of Waxing

1. Waxing is semi-permanent and lasts much longer than any other temporary hair removal technique.

2. Waxing will remove all hair types.  Once it sets the wax will remove fine hair, coarse hair, light hair and dark hair.

3. The more you wax the longer it lasts.  If you wax on a regular basis, you will notice that the area will have less and less hair.

4. Waxing should be performed in a salon environment. Although there are home kits available, Hairzoo salon stylists are expertly trained for facial waxing.

5. Waxing is cost effective.  Compared to the price of home razors or the large expense associated with laser removal, waxing will save you money.

6. Wax is actually a natural exfoliate that will leave the skin feeling extra smooth and silky.  Waxing takes the hair from the root leaving more time until the hair follicle reappears.

Hot & Cold Wax

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