MyCollage_7Managing stressed and damaged hair can be a real struggle. Finding the right products to help can be an even bigger struggle. We are going to take a look at several of our favorites to help you find your perfect hair regimen.

We started by washing the hair with Goldwell's Rich Repair shampoo and conditioner. It leaves the hair with a beautiful shine and soft healthy feel. The Goldwell Rich Repair line is made with IntraLipid Technology which repairs the hair from the inside as well as on the surface. We also used the Rich Repair Regeneration Serum, which is an intense in salon treatment with long lasting repair. Some other good choices for shampoo and conditioner are the Enjoy Hydrate shampoo and conditioner and the Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner.

Next we cocktailed the Agadir Hair Shield 450 plus creme and the Agadir Argan Oil. Both are very moisturizing and smoothing. The Agadir Hair Shield 450 plus creme is a heat protectant it contains anti oxidants and Shock Protein which is heat activated and immediately targets the damaged areas of your hair. The Agadir Argan Oil has humidity resistance and helps to control frizz. It instantly adds a healthy shine and conditions the hair. Good alternatives for the Agadir Hair Shield 450 plus creme would be Goldwell's Flat Marvel or KMS California Hot Flex Creme. A good alternative for the Agadir Argan Oil is Goldwell's Elixir.

After blow drying the hair and applying Goldwell's Sleek Perfection as a heat protectant we flat ironed the hair in small sections. The Goldwell Sleek Perfection is a waterless spray on serum that helps to achieve a silky smooth look that lasts, and has humidity resistance for up to 24 hours. It also has color protection to keep your color from fading.

The end result is a beautiful long lasting hair style that looks and feels healthy. By using these products you are improving the condition of your hair and it will make hair more managable and easy to style. Now through December 31st Hairzoo is offering 20% off of your purchase of three products or more. It's the perfect time to pick up your favorite products and try something new as well!

photo(7)For all the guys out there who have struggled finding a hair product because you're unsure of what to use or how to use it, here's a few tips to help you find the right one. First you want to consider the style you're trying to achieve and the texture of your hair. It's important to consider the amount of hold your style will require, as well as the shine factor. Each product has a hold factor and a shine factor, which is typically located on the front and back of the packaging.

A gel typically comes in two forms, your classic gel, which is applied with your hands, or a spray gel which is sprayed directly into the hair. Gel usually has a shine and the hold varies from a hard hold to light hold depending on your preference. One of our favorites is Paul Mitchell's Steady Grip from the Mitch collection. It is a firm hold gel that helps to thicken the hair as it shapes your style. It is alcohol free which leaves a strong clean finish. For a spray gel we love Goldwell's Jelly Boost. This has a medium hold and is very lightweight for people with fine and thin hair. It creates instant body and texture to your hair for a long lasting and easily manageable style.

Paste or clay tends to have a higher hold with less of a shine. On average, these products tend to have a creamy base to them, making it easier to apply evenly throughout the hair. Goldwell Roughman is one of our favorite matt styling paste. This product is good for all hair types and even helps to control stubborn hair. It has a strong hold with next to no shine and is extremely easy to use. American Crew Molding Clay has a high hold with a medium shine. It leaves the hair with a touchable feel and texture, and is also reworkable for changing your style throughout the day.

For guys looking for more volume American Crew Boost Powder is a good option. Adding lift and grit for volumized texture. It can be layered with almost any other American Crew product. It has no shine and can be combined with other products for longevity.

A good finishing product is the American Crew Grooming Spray. It has an incredible hold with a good shine. This will help keep your style in place all day. The American Crew Grooming Spray washes out easily without leaving a residue on the hair. Don't forget to stop into your local Hairzoo to take advantage of our great holiday deals!