Well, the groundhog has declared that this winter is going to carry on for a while. In fact, it feels like it's going to last forever, so this time we're looking at winter products, which coincides perfectly with ourSebastian Duo Liter sale throughout February. Sebastian Drench is one of our favorite products and perfect for the wintertime.

womensWomen's Winter Products:
Firstly, it's important to switch up your products when winter roles around to replenish the hair with the moisture that is lost inthis cold, dry air! It all starts with the right shampoo and conditioner.

Using the correct shampoo and conditioner provides a "clean palette" and the foundation to start from. Sebastian Drench shampoo and conditioner is perfect for the winter time. It replenishes the hair with tonsof moisture, it is not heavy and will notweigh the hair down. For those of you who have ever wondered why our hair has a lot of static in the winter time: it's due to loss of moisture.

Sebastian Drench Liter Duos (shampoo and conditioner together)are onsale now at all Hairzoo salons for just $29.99. That's 50% savings and will last you for months! Paired with KMS Moist Repair leave in spray and Goldwell Rich Repair Treatment, it is the perfect winter hair care regimen.



MensMen's Winter Products:
Guys, just because your hair is shorter, it doesn't mean you don't need the moisture as well! Loss of moisture makes the hair less manageable, as well. So it's important to switch up your hair care regimen when the winter time roles around, as well.

American Crew Moisturizing Shampoo is the perfect option! It adds tons of moisture to the hair, it won't weigh the hair down and leaves the scalp with a cool, tingly, minty clean feeling! Pair it with the American Crew Stimulating Conditioner and you have the perfect hair care regimen for battling those pesky winter problems.

But don't forget about the skin! Ever had a tougher time shaving in the winter? Does your skin feel tougher, more sensitive in the wintertime? Maybe even not feeling so much like a "clean shave"?Winter dryness plays a big role in our skin, as well. American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream is the perfect choice for any time of the year, but especially wintertime! It's packed with moisturizers that help to soothedry, irritated, tired skin to make the shaving experience a lot easier and leaves the skin feeling revived, refreshed, and soothed.Stop into any Hairzoo salon for your winter products.