20140325_095454Ladies' Updos for Spring
While spring should have been here by now, the upcoming season means proms, weddings and celebrations! We love this time of year, when updos let us use a more creative approach to creating a masterpiece!

Just a few great tips on achieving a perfect updo:

  • Make sure you wash your hair the day before your big event. This will help because your hair will have a little grip to it from your natural oils, which helps hold curls longer. Fresh, clean hair doesn't hold as well as next day hair.
  • Don't put any products in the hair after you wash it because we will put a lot of hairspray, wax and other products to help hold the hair in place.
  • Also don't curl or flat iron your hair. It's best if left to air dry so the hair is in its natural state.
  • Don't forget to have fun with your stylist creating a flawless natural piece for your big day!


20140325_105516Men's Styling Tips And Proper Products
Styling your own hair may be tricky to most, but using these tips and products will help you achieve the perfect look. You don't need to use them all, but if you feel your hair could benefit from some help, try one of these products.

  • Starting with basics such as shampoo and conditioner helps you in long run with volumizing, moisture and repair.
    • Volumizing - shampoo swells the cuticle open to make your hair bigger.
    • Moisture - Shampoos can also add back in moisture and protein from over processing and being dry from environment.
    • Repair - They can also repair by putting back moisture and protein = from coloring, highlights, perms and chemical straightening and damage caused by heat.
  • Try using a heat protectant (this product seals your cuticle of your hair shut and burns off with heat instead of burning your hair.
  • Using a serum such as super skinny by Paul Mitchell will cut your blow dry time by half and seals the cuticle shut and adds shine.
  • Using a root lifter such as Paul Mitchell will swell the cuticle when blow drying to make hair appear bigger and thicker.
  • Mousse helps to keep style all day and helps hold style in place.
  • Wax, pomade, spray wax, gel are fantastic for short spiky hair do.
  • Remember a little goes along way. You don't want to over do it.
  • Using the proper hairspray to finish your style helps, using a flexible hold hairspray will make your hair look and feel natural with a good hold. Using a hard hold hairspray will have a super hold on your hair. We always recommend a flexible hold for a natural look.
  • Remember, your Hairzoo stylist is always able to help recommend the right product for you.