four blockDid you know we offer waxing at The Hairzoo? All of our stylists are trained in facial waxing for men and women! Whether you just need a quick clean up or a good sculpting, we've got you covered at Hairzoo!

We thought you might like to see exactly how it's done...!

Step 1: First we clean the desired area with a soothing cleanser and cotton ball.

Step 2: Then we place the wax very carefully on the desired area.

Step 3: Placing the waxing strip carefully over the wax, we rub our finger over the strip in the direction of the hair growth. Quickly but gently we then pull the wax strip away in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Step 4: Finally, to complete the waxing, we apply soothing aloe lotion with a cotton ball to areas that were waxed, which helps sooth and reduce redness.

In the hands of a Hairzoo stylist, it really is that quick and simple! Stop in and let us show you. And don't forget about your wax card. When you get 8 wax services you receive the 9th, FREE!

Hairzoo Waxing Card our waxing station