imageimage (6)Warm vs Cool Tones:
When deciding a hair color, figuring out whether you want a "warm" or "cool" shade is a vital part of the process.

A "warm" tone will have more of a golden or red base to it, or possibly even a rose or strawberry tone to the blonde. When speaking with your stylist about what shade you are desiring, they may ask you if you are looking for a warmer tone or cooler tone. Easy! Warm = Gold, Copper, Red, or Red/Orange.

A "cool" tone will have more of a violet or blue base with NO GOLD. You may hear a cool blonde referred to as an "ash blonde or brown" or "platinum blonde" because both of these do not have any gold in them at all, or a red shade referred to as a "violet red". Cool = No Gold, rather an Ash or Violet.

image (9)image (7)Men's Cowlicks: What are they and how should you get them cut?
Definition: A section of hair that stands up straight or lies at an angle at odds with the style in which the rest of an individual's hair is worn.

Usually cowlicks are located at the front of your hairline on either side, or right at the top round of the head.

Cowlicks are very stubborn and you cannot train them to fall in a different direction no matter what you do. Suggestions when dealing with these stubborn swirls would be to:

a) Always "go with the flow" when styling. If a cowlick pushes the front of your hair to the side, wear your hair to the side. This will make it look more natural rather than pushing it forward and having it stick up.
b) Always ask your stylist to leave your cowlick in the front a tad longer than the rest. This is because it will spring up regardless, so leaving it longer will give the illusion that it is all the same length.
c) When dealing with cowlicks in the back top round of the head, there are two options. If you have a longer hairstyle on top, leave it longer so it weighs itself down. If you wear a shorter hairstyle on top, cut the cowlick down shorter to eliminate it sticking up.

*ALWAYS LET YOUR STYLIST KNOW IF AND WHERE YOUR COWLICKS ARE!* You know your hair better than anyone, and this will eliminate any confusion on how you would want it styled!