On today's Zoo News, we look at one of or most popular service at Hairzoo: the 5 Minute Goldwell Men's Color. We have a video and a few pictures to show you how the application works as well as the 'before and after!'

Goldwell men's color is a great tool for men! It is designed to blend gray hair. So for men who do not want to get into full out permanent hair color, who maybe just want to minimize the amount of gray showing through and don't have a lot of time to spend in the salon....this is for you! Goldwell 5 minute men's color comes in 5 different shades making it very easy and achievable to match anyone's hair type and natural color. It has an ash base, meaning they are all a cool tone, meaning there is no "yellowing" of the grey hair as the color fades outbecause there is no warmth to the color which is a huge plus!
The scent is reminiscent of a men's cologne or aftershave so no perfumey smells here guys! It is a foam base which makes it very easy to apply and if the color touches the skin it does not stain it comes off easily so no one will know you've just had your hair colored except you.And as stated, it gradually fades out over the coarse of about 2-3 months. Most men tend to come in for a reapplication every other haircut. And it only takes 5 mins to process! It doesn't get much better than this guys! Stop in for your 5 Minute Men's Color today and let us show you why were so excited about it! You'll wish you'd done it earlier!
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