MyCollage_4g1Hairzoo's fall color special starts on October 20th. It's a great time to try something new. The color special takes 25% off any color or highlight service, so whether you need your color touched up, you're looking for a subtle change for fall, or wanting something completely different, at Hairzoo we will help you get the best results! All of our stylists are trained in Goldwell color and the latest techniques and we are seeing some fantastic new trends this fall...

We are seeing tons of multi-tonal looks this season! Blondes can add some warm brown or honey blonde lowlights to give a beautiful sun-kissed look to the hair. You can go as bold or subtle as you want. Adding 2 different shades of lowlights in the same color range is an excellent way to get a new look without doing anything too drastic, and will add dimension to the hair that will look amazing!

Brunettes can add golden highlights around the face to brighten things up. This look can easily be customized to your style.Adding some fine highlights, starting farther from the scalp, will create a soft elegant look. If you're looking for something more drastic, a lot of fine golden and copper highlights works great. This look isperfect on a hairstyle with soft waves!

Gorgeous reds can look even more amazing. By adding subtle warm brown tones it will make the beautiful red and copper pop! Adding golden and blonde highlights to stunning copper red colors will brighten things up giving you a strawberry blonde effect.

And we can't forget the ombre trend we all love. It's a perfect way to change things up and it can often be low maintenance. If you want more than just the average ombre go for a darker shade at the ends instead of lighter, or bring the ombre higher up.

For you men,don't feel left out - we have our fantastic men's blending color that gives more of a natural look. It slowly fades out so it will not create a "line" which makes for easy upkeep. If you want to be a bit more outgoing try some highlights through your tips or in the front of the hair.

And don't forget, when you have a color service during our color special you get 15% off any product as well! We carry the best hair care products for at home maintenance. You will want to know the fabulous color you received is well taken care of. There are lots of great product lines to choose from at Hairzoo.

So come get your new fall look. The Hairzoo signature color special will continue through November 2nd!