The long bob look has been buzzing around a lot lately and it's pretty hard not to develop an obsession for this hairstyle. Long bob caught-on last year and soon we started noticing tons of stars chopping their locks to get the long bob look which is widely referred as the 'LOB' these days.

Lob has given a new sense of style and edginess to a basic tom boyish bob look plus, this hairstyle seems to look great on almost everyone. One of the reasons it's on trend is because it is incredibly easy to style especially if you are a working woman. If you are in doubt as to whether this haircut would suit your hair type or not, don't be. That's what's so amazing about this hairdo. It doesn't matter you have wavy, thin or curly hair, the long bob, in our opinion it suits almost every hair and face type.

This chic, soft shoulder-length hairstyle can be styled on loose curls, straight and even wavy hair. The possibilities are endless! Here are 6 gorgeous celebrities who are currently flaunting this hair trend flawlessly.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley decided to chop her long locks back in December 2014. Her blonde mane is cut to shoulder length and doesn't have a lot of layers.

Kim Kardashian


It is impossible for the Kardashians to not follow what's trending, in fact they are often the firsts to start a trend. Anyway, so Kim Kardashian showed her new lob sometime before the Grammy's this year and it's no surprise that she is gracefully pulling off the look. The reality star opted for a blunt cut with long bangs.


Emma Stone


'Birdman' actress Emma Stone snipped her locks a little bit shorter than the usual long bob and normally styles her lob in soft curls.

Kristen Bell


34-year-old actress opted for an even shoulder length blunt without any bangs.

Nicole Kidman


Australian actress Nicole Kidman never looked better. The 47-year-old diva decided to go for a sophisticated shoulder sweeping cut.

Taylor Swift


'Shake it off' singer was one of the firsts to chop her mane last year and soon everyone else was following in her footsteps. We've seen Swift style her lob in soft curls, straight, and 50's styles.