Massage Your Scalp-

It is important to keep your scalp clean and healthy in order for your hair to grow healthy. Book a weekly Tea Tree Experience appointment to release stress and improve blood circulation of the scalp.

Your Hairzoo Tea Tree Experience is a journey to relaxation:

  1. Lay back and rest your head in the shampoo bowl with a steamed towel wrap gently applied to your face containing drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil.
  2. Then you will be provided with a facial massage to relieve any stress and tension.
  3. While you are unwinding, experience the invigorating shampoo scalp massage with Tea Tree Special Shampoo.
  4. After shampoo, we apply the Tea Tree Special Conditioner to your hair, which provides a moisturizing botanical blend that tackles tangles for instant manageability.
  5. The Tea Tree Experience ends with you looking and feeling great. You'll be invigorated and looking forward to your next Hairzoo visit.