Tea TreeHaving Difficulties with dry scalp this winter? Hairzoo has the perfect solution. Come in and pamper yourself with our Tea Tree experience. We use Tea Tree shampoo while washing your hair, which could help with dry and itchy scalp, but also feels fantastic. We also place a warm towel with Tea Tree oil on your face to relax and refresh you!

After the wash we give you a facial massage which will leave you feeling pampered and great! During our Tea Tree experience we use Paul Mitchell's line of Tea Tree products. These products are amazing for use at home as well as in the salon, so don't forget to ask about taking some home with you.


tea-treeTea Tree oil is extracted and distilled from the leaves of the Australian plant Melaleuca Alternifolia. There are many Proven benefits of tea tree oil, for example it is an Antibacterial. At 10% concentration Melaleuca oil kills bacteria that are associated with the skin and scalp. It is also anti-fungaland another benefit is head lice control. It will kill lice with 15 minutes of exposure time. But the most common use is to help prevent and eliminate dandruff. Using a shampoo with the natural tea tree oil, like the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line, is usually preferred over shampoos with harsher chemicals.

So come in and experience the luxury of our relaxing Tea Tree experience. It will feel great and for only $3.00 you can't go wrong! Your scalp will never feel better! We have the original Tea Tree line as well as a Tea Tree Lavender line, which is moisturizing and a Tea Tree Lemon Sage which is thickening. It is the perfect treatment for everyone this time of year!