Ladies: Different Ways To Style Your Hair Between Washes
Men and women alike have to wash their hair as a part of personal hygiene. However, it's important to remember that the natural oils our scalp produces are important and vital to our scalp and hair. So don't wash your hair everyday, stripping your scalp and hair of those natural oils, drying the scalp and hair out. As a rule of thumb, washing your hair every 2-3 days is ideal, if you can get away with it.
Here are a few great tips on how to style your hair in between washes so the hair does not look greasy on your off days:
Day 1: Wear your hair completely down. It's freshly washed so wear it straight and sleek, curly, tousled....whatever your favorite style may be!
Day 2: Half up, half down.
Day 3: All up in a cute, upswept do!

A great tool to use if you find your hair may be a little to "dirty" or "greasy", to get you through those days is one of our favorites:
Sebastian Dry Clean Only Dry Shampoo. A few sprays directly to the roots and brushed through the hair helps to absorb oil and refresh the hair without suds and water!

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Men: Square or Rounded Fade: Knowing The Difference And Which Is Best Suited For You
A rounded fade is what is considered to be a " normal" fade. The head is not composed of straight lines, but rounded curved lines. Rounding a fade means going with the shape of the head for a more natural look. A rounded look could be suited for anyone, being that it is cut to the shape of the head.

A square fade gives a more straight, "edged" look to the fade. Being that the head is round, a square look creates what we call corners to the head, where the head begins to curve, giving it a more square look. A square look would be great for anyone who has a very round, fuller face to give the face and head more of a structured, sculpted look.