Highlighting and Contouring Guide

Girls often have trouble contouring and highlighting their faces to enhance their most attractive features. This simple guide should help you do it right.


Sleepy Eyes Treatment

We have all gone through tiresome days when our eyes become so droopy that we almost resemble the zombies from 'The Walking Dead'. Here's what you can do to instantly boost your eyes. Apply your eyeliner as normal but line your lower lash line with a beige eye pencil. This will instantaneously brighten up your eyes making you look more awake.


Shape Your Eyebrows like a Pro

If you are blessed with natural dark brows, good for you but if you have lighter or thin brows like most women then this little trick might help you achieve the shape you desire. For a more natural look, fill your brows with a dark eye shadow and blend it real nice for a finished result.


Fuller Lips

This simple trick will give an illusion of fuller lips. The trick is to apply the lightest shade in the centre of your lips, blend and then apply a lip sheer. For a more natural look, you apply white lip pencil in the centre part of lips, blend and then dab on some clear lip moisture.


Smokey Eye

This easy application to achieve smokey eye makeup will literally take you a couple minutes. The basic rule to remember when applying smokey eye makeup is to blend. Also, make sure to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, and the brow bone with a highlighter to make your eyes pop.


How to Apply Blush

Here's an effective guide to help you apply blush as per the shape of your face.