We go through a lot of changes throughout our life and there are some things we CAN control, while a few we just can't - Getting old, for instance. We all get old but that doesn't mean that we stop taking care of ourselves. There are many ways to keep yourself healthy and younger looking. But no matter how much you exercise or apply all kinds of age defying products on your skin, something still makes you look older, sometimes much older than you are. And the reason is the wrong haircut. Your hair can make you or break you and it is very important to identify whether the haircut you have now makes you look younger or older. If you are looking for some ideas, here are a few haircuts that will instantly make you look much younger. Just head to the best hair salon and get one of these 5 haircuts. Your hairstyle can make a huge difference to your overall appearance and these 5 haircuts are targeted to take years off and make you look youthful without any fuss.

1| Get Layers


If you have thin, wavy or straight hair, you should give your mane some movement by adding layers to your hair. Tell your Hairzoo stylist to add layers to the crown and the length of your hair. Also, tell them to add face framing layers that start the jaw line. Layered haircut will add more volume in your hair while making your face look more structured.

2| Long Bob


Long bob haircut is a Godsend. Whether you have gray, curly, wavy or straight hair, a long bob is ideal for nearly all hair type and textures. Plus, it's so in trend and youthful and it's sure to make you look younger and fun in minutes. Tell your Hairzoo stylist to cut your mane to shoulder length so your hair brushes your collar bone. Your stylist will give your long bob a few layers to add some texture, if needed. The biggest perks of this haircut is that it is low maintenance, easy and quick to style.

3| Short Hair With Bangs


This is one of the most bold haircuts that most women are too afraid to get but trust us, this style is a game changer. The soft side or blunt bangs will conceal fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead while your short hair will frame the face beautifully. Tell your Hairzoo stylist to give your soft bangs and cut your hair slightly above the shoulder. This haircut is apt for wavy, curly, fine and straight hair. If you have thick hair, tell your stylist to add a few layers to balance out the volume of your hair.

4| Feathered Out Layers


There's one haircut where you have a lot of layers that blend into the rest of your hair and then there's feathered layers that are a little more thinned out and visible. The soft face framing side swept bangs will hide any fine lines and crow's feet while making you look vibrant and beautiful. Feathered layers haircut is not ideal for women with super curly hair as the layers won't show on their hair but if you have straight or wavy hair, go for this haircut.

5| Minimal Layers for Long Hair




You don't always have to get your hair chopped off to look younger. Long hair looks great too if maintained well. Yes, as we age, our hair tends to lose its natural moisture, shine and volume but if you take good care of your mane, these effects can be avoided. If you like your hair long, tell your stylist to slightly trim the ends and give you long, minimal layers. The first layer should start at your shoulders. Long layers, mostly on the ends will give your hair a pretty, bouncy look while framing your face. Curl your hair if necessary. Soft curls in long hair looks very youthful.


Hope you like these ideas. Which of these 5 haircuts was your favorite?