MyCollage_2To start with, applying a dry shampoo will absorb some of the oils at the scalp giving your hair a nice clean refreshed look and feel to it without having to rewash it. Hairzoo has the KMS California Makeover Spray; it absorbs oil while adding bulk to the hair. Spray 4-6 inches from the roots and work through the hair.

Using a boost powder at the roots will add volume and texture to the hair. We love the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play; it adds a ton of volume and texture to the hair. Sprinkle a little at the root on dry hair and work in with your fingertips.

Teasing the hair before styling will also add volume to the hair. Using the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play before teasing the hair will help the tease hold better, especially in fine hair.

Styling your hair into an up-do or a fun braid is a great way to keep your hair looking tame and fresh on that second day. A side fishtail braid or a sock bun will make it look like you spent a ton of time on your but will only take a few minutes!

These tricks will help you create the best "second day" styles on even the trickiest of hair days! Happy styling everyone!