blow-dry-hairDecades ago, women would visit their salon many times a month. Blow drying hair at home was a rarity and salon visits were a must for washing, drying and styling. Well, that may have been the way in the 1960s, but get your mini skirts and Beatles vinyl ready because baby, it's back!

More and more people are thinking more about their hair and how really frequent washing and drying at home can damage it. The hair care products we all use under our own roofs have less to do with care and more to do with chemicals. In your Hairzoo salon, you know you're getting a quality professional product. (It's also a great reason not to buy cut-price products, but to always shop in-salon.)

Every Hairzoo salon now offers blowouts and their popularity is skyrocketing. Many of our guests are popping in - because that's another great thing about Hairzoo, you can just walk right in - and experiencing a blow dry from one of our expert stylists. So, whether it's a dinner out with friends, a hot date, or you just want that fresh-from-the-salon-feel, get on down to your local Hairzoo and let us take on the effort and styling for you. #LookGoodFeelGood #Hairzoostyle

P.S. Click here to check out the recent article in Elle magazine, 10 things you're doing wrong when you blowdry your hair at home.