Ladies DCT 9-17-13 copyRoot lift with round brush

Products used:
Redken Guts 10 Root Targeted Volume Spray
Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal Straight

1. Spray the root lifter at the root in 3 inch sections and massage into the hair with finger tips.

2. Blow dry using a round brush, directing to the opposite of where you would like the hair to fall.

3. While doing this, turn the brush in circles at the end of the hair with the heat applied.

4. Remove the heat and continue to turn the brush while the hair cools and slowly remove brush.



Products used:
Sebastian Texturizer
Goldwell Unlimator Spray Wax
Sebastian Shaper Plus Touchable Spray

1. With the hair wet, massage in the Sebastian Texturizer.
2. Work the Texturizer into the hair while blow drying.
3. Blow dry using a small round brush, pushing the hair in the direction of the style.
4. Using the round brush, dry the front, turning the brush over and directing towards the nose.
5. Using the Goldwell Spray wax and a comb, brush and then the hands work the hair into the shape desired.
6. Finish hair with Sebastian Shaper+.