1. Balayage-Balayage means 'to sweep' in French as the stylist will sweep a brush up and down coating the front of the hair and leaving you with a natural, sun kissed look.
  2. Ombre-This extremely popular technique fades the hair from the darkest color tone starting closest to the scalp and gradually lightens towards the ends or tips. The ombre technique lightens the hair in a soft gradation where the hair is lightest at the ends and gently darkens as it gets closer to the roots. Ombre is meant to give the hair a natural faded look, as if the hair was naturally lightened by the sun. The major advantage of Ombre is that as the roots grow out, the look is maintained.
  3. Splashlighting-This technique is the coloring or bleaching of hair to create a horizontal highlight effect. This form of coloring creates a more radical finish than many other traditional techniques.

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