Collage DCT 3-10-14Mermaid Curls:
Ladies, did you know there are tons of different ways to use your curling iron? One of our fav looks for the summertime (which we are so looking forward to!) is the mermaid curls. It's very popular look and is asked for a lot in our salons because our clients know we know how to achieve it.

It's as simple as wrapping the strand of hair around the whole barrel without the use of the clamp, as opposed to feeding the hair through the clamp. That's it! A small, simple change up of technique is all it takes to achieve beautiful, flawless mermaid curls!

Short Styles:
Spring isn't that far away! Thinking it's time for a new haircut? How about adding texture to spunk it up a little? Adding shorter layers will give you more volume. Using the right products will help give you the piecey look.

Or try going shorter. Having a razor cut will add a lot of texture and volume. If you try using paste or a shaping cream you will achieve the piecey texture look. So when wanting a change in your haircut consider more texture!

image (2)Men's Color:
Spring is right around the corner for guys too! Are you ready for a new do or some color? Highlights are simple and can change the look of a haircut. With Hairzoo, it's easy to try.

You can choose subtle, low maintenance color or go bold with fashion colors. Next time you go for a haircut ask your stylist their opinion on color. Try something different. Want that beach blonde look or funky fashion colors? We offer many different color options.