photo(5)photo(6)How to style long men's hair:

The thing that our stylists find often is that when men have longer hair on top and shorter on the sides, or even long all the way around, is that they know how they want to style it but have a hard time picking the products that will do the trick for them. This guest likes to be able to move his hair around throughout the day if need be but doesn't like a super shiny finish but not completely dry looking as well with lots of texture! For this look we chose to use the KMS playable texture spray and the KMS moldable clay. The moldable clay is a matte finish (not shiny, more of a dry look) that will give you the hold you are looking for by applying that first. The KMS playable texture spray is not a hairspray, but more of a spray wax if you will. This is what will help to ease that dry look by giving you more of a sheen look, not a shiny look, and also helps to break the clay down just enough to give it a more moveable texture without completely losing your hold. So if your not feeling the look you styled first thing in the morning, you can use your fingers to move it around and play with it to change it up a bit and it will still hold that style for you throughout the day!

Four Strand Braid:
Many female guests tell us that they want to learn how to do different braids. They're tired of the same old three strand braid, they want something that looks different, fresh, new but won't take them a ton of time to do. Whenever I do this braid I get tons of compliments and you won't believe how easy it is to do!
When doing this on your own hair we have found that it is easiest to wear it to the side. So first pick the side you would like to wear the braid and split your hair into four equal sections. Once you have done that you want take the outer strand, furthest away from your face. We're going to call this strand one. The strand next to it is strand two, then strand three, then strand four. Cross strand one over strand two, cross strand one under strand three, then strand one over strand four. As I am sure you can see now, you are simply weaving your hair! Now your going to go back to the strand furthest away from your face which now has become strand one and repeat the process. It is the same motion and same process all over again until you run out of hair. It's really that simple! Takes 2-3 minutes to do, tie it with an elastic hair band once you have run out of hair and you are done! To give the braid a "fuller" effect you can gently tug at the strands to pull them out a bit and kind of "fluff" them. Be sure to do this gently though, you don't want to pull it out too much just enough to expand the width of the braid a bit. And that's it your all done! You now have a brand new braid to wear that takes so little time but looks like it took you a ton of time to do! You will receive tons of compliments and people begging to know how you did it!