photo(4)Today we look at the proper way to flat iron ladies' hair:

Step 1: Choose your heat protection. Heat protection is extremely important when applying direct heat to the hair. It helps add a "slip" to the hair to ensure you're not burning your hair. Our favorites at Hairzoo are Sebastian Trilliant and Goldwell Sleek Perfection. Also, make sure to set your flat iron at 375 or lower. NEVER turn it up all the way. Just because the setting is there, does not mean to use it!

Step 2: Sectionthe hair into about 1 inch sections. Any larger of a section and the heat will not properly distribute and you won't get your desired effect.

Step 3: Apply your heat protection. And yes, the two I have mentioned in step 1 do go on dry hair! Just a couple pumps is a sufficient amount for 1 inch sections.

Step 4: Makesure to run your comb through the hair first and follow it with the flat iron. This will help to flatten everything out for you and gives the flat iron something to "mimic" and follow as a guide. Go slowly and use just enough pressure to hold the plates together. Don't clamp tightly or you will create lines of demarcation in the hair. If you feel you need to go over the section a second time just to smooth everything down that is fine, however, do not go over the same section more than twice. Again, this isunnecessary added heat to the hair and you do not want to overheat it. To slightly curl the hair under at the ends, just slightly curl the flat iron under when you get to your ends.

photo(3)Tea Tree Experience: This men's service is incredibly popular, so today we thought we'd explain what exactly it is, so you can see why everyone loves a bit of tea tree!

Step 1: At Hairzoo er preare the Tea Tree Experience! Firstly the Tea Tree Shampoo, then the Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Step 2: We shampoo with the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo, and give a nice relaxing head massage. Your head will feel tingly and invigorated!

Step 3: We place a few drops of the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Essential Oil on a hot towel.

Step 4: We placethe towel on the face, letting it sit for 2-5 minutes while you just sit back and relax. The Tea Tree Essential Oil helps to open up the poresand clear everything out. Again, it will leave you feeling tingly, invigorated and refreshed! It also helps to give an overall calming and soothing effect to the entire body.