Collage DCT 1-16-14Ladies' Color Serums: At Hairzoo we offer conditioning serums for all your hair needs. We have serums for colored and highlighted hair, which is created to help prevent your color from fading while repairing damage done by the chemical service. We also have curl serums and repair serums for anyone who doesn't color their hair.

The serums are made with live proteins, which help to rebuild and repair the hair strands. The live protein travels along the hair strand and finds the "gaps" and damage in the strand and fills it in. The serums seal down the hair cuticle and remain in the hair strand for 15-30 days.

The serums are perfect to help repair damage of any kind. They're light and will not way the hair down, which makes them great for all hair types. They add tons of shine to the hair, and will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth!

So if your hair is feeling dry or damaged, stop into Hairzoo! It only takes a few minutes and you will feel the difference immediately!

Men's Mitch Line of Products: Mitch Double Hitter is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that is extremely moisturizing. It lathers well, despite having no sulfates. It leaves your hair feeling light and residue-free. This product leaves your hair looking shiny and full, and is perfect for all hair types.

Mitch Steady Grip is a hard hold gel that is alcohol free and does not flake. It is perfect if you're looking for a shiny look that will hold your style all day!

Mitch Construction Paste is a styling paste that is unique with fibers that will help to create texturized and defined styles. It gives a flexible, movable hold and is good for achieving a casual, messy look.

Mitch Hardwired Spiking Glue is a maximum hold product that is perfect for extreme styles such as Mohawks. It sets quickly, despite being easy to work into the hair.

Mitch Clean Cut is a styling paste with medium hold and a matte finish. It is perfect for creating natural looking and effortless styles. It is easy to use and is light enough for even the finest of hair.

Mitch Reformer is a strong hold putty that leaves an extremely matte finish with a slightly gritty texture to it. It works well on fine hair because it adds bulk to the hair. It works best for creating modern, highly textured styles.

Mitch Barber's Classic is a pomade with a water base. It has medium hold with very high shine. It's good for creating sleek, slick looks. It is easy to work with and washes out cleanly.