Welcome back to our latest tips and tricks in Zoo News. Our Digital Creative Team has been hard at work creating a ladies boho-chic 5 minute updo with accompanying Vine video, as well as a series of current men's styles to look over and be inspired by...

Ladies' boho-chic 5 minute updo:

1. Using an elastic headband, place it over your head, without pulling any hair over it.

2. Taking about 1" sections, pick up hair, and tuck it into the headband.

3. Continue this, picking up the section you previously used, on each side of the head, until you meet in the middle.

4. Take any hair that's left on the bottom and place it in a pony tail.

5. Take the ponytail and tuck it up underneath the headband.

6. Hairspray if desired in the end!

**Tips: You can Curl hair previous to this to add more texture, or you can do it on wet hair after the shower if you're running late! To add more volume you can tease the crown before putting on the headband! Have fun with it!

Men's styles:
These are different style men's haircuts, along with a good name to describe it
to your stylist, so they know exactly what you want!
IMG_4198 IMG_8430 IMG_8703 IMG_6926 IMG_3936 IMG_0665