IMG_5535Ladies' Bangs:

Bangs can give you the illusion of a stronger or softer face shape, here is how:

Long Face: With a longer face, you will want to keep a longer bang. If you do anything short, it will shorten the face and give the illusion of more width to the face.

Oval Face: An oval face is the most ideal face shape for bangs. This shape can pretty much pull off any bang style they want! A short textured bang, a blunt forward bang, or a soft side swept bang would all compliment this face shape.

Round Face: Any sort of bang that is a little shorter in the center will create the illusion of length to the face. With a round face you will want to keep the bangs light and wispy so they show more forehead to add length. Try to steer clear of any heavy blunt bangs if you have a round face.

Heart Face: With a heart shaped face, the forehead can appear a little bit wide. To eliminate this, a choppy, versatile, side swept bang is ideal to draw attention to the side and down rather than straight across.

Square Face: Perfect face for a long angled bang! This will cut the square dimension so the eye will travel diagonally, instead of up and down. This will add length to the face and give you a softer look.

Cowlicks are another factor to take into consideration. If you have a stubborn cowlick, steer clear of straight bangs. This will be very difficult to maintain and will be very hard to style. If you have a cowlick on the side, it is best to work with your cowlick and do a side bang to that direction. Unfortunately, hairstylists can't change your cowlick regardless to how it is cut so keep that in mind when getting a haircut. Happy Styling!!

IMG_4253Men's Clipper Guard Numbers:

A lot of men come into the hair salon and aren't sure whatnumber clipper guard they get, or aren't sure what the numbers mean.
The smaller the number, the shorter the hair is going to be. The larger the number, the longer the hair will be.

00000 = 0.2mm of hair LEFT on your head (not how much hair comes off of your head!)
0000= 0.25mm
000= 0.5mm
0A= 1.2mm
1= 2.4mm
1A= 3.2mm
1 = 4.0mm
2= inch
3 = 3/8 inch
4= inch
5= 5/8 inch
6= inch
7= 7/8 inch
8= 1 inch

Note: For average thickness, 00000-1 you will see the scalp. If you are someone with blonde, fine, or thin hair, you will always want to go one size larger than you think because it will appear to be shorter on you.