So, you love how those soft, face framing curls make you look and feel but the problem is that after a couple hours those gorgeous curls just vanish and you end up looking exactly how you looked before curling your hair. Sound familiar?

Curling seems like an easy job but the challenging part is to make those curls last all day. Because if they don't, what's the point of it all, right? If you are sailing in the same boat as us, you'll be delighted to discover 7 really effective tips to make your curls stay all day. So, be certain to follow these tips next time you consider curling your mane.

1. Second Day Hair - To hold your curls better, try styling curls on second day hair. Freshly washed hair makes it too smooth and soft for curls to last long. So skip washing your mane and give dry shampoo a shot to get rid of excess oil. This is the texture that will hold your curls all day.

2. Prep Your Hair -- Using a styling mouse before curling makes the hair more receptive to curling iron giving bouncy curls. The idea is to use the right product depending on the hair type. Many people swear by using hairspray before curling, you just need to know the right technique. Spray your hair with hairspray and let them soak the product dry. It is important that you let the product set in before you start curling or you will end up with fried hair.

3. Skip Conditioning -- If you plan on washing your hair before curling, I would suggest you to skip the conditioner. Not conditioning will help in holding curls much better for a lasting effect.

4. Get a Trim -- If the ends are too brittle and you find it difficult to curl them, means you need a trim. Trimmed hair equals healthy hair and it plays an important role when styling hair using hot appliances.

5. Pin Your Curls -- One common mistake that most women makes when curling is to take really thick sections. This may look good for sometime but it is unlikely for the curls to stay in place all day. Thick sections don't sit well on the curling iron and as a result your hair strands don't receive enough heat to hold curls for long. If you want your curls to stay in place all day divide your hair in thin sections and start curling each section by wrapping it around the iron rod. As you reach the end, place it carefully under the iron trap.

6. Blow Dry -- Another technique that helps to lock those curls in place is by setting them using a blow dryer. Set the blow dryer in medium heat and run it all over the curls for a few seconds. This must be done before you separate the curls.

7. The Final Step -- Once you are done curling, lightly run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls for a more natural look. Don't forget one last spritz of hairspray to set the curls in place!

Have fun rocking those curls!