photo(2)So, what did you think to the Oscars? What was the highlight? Was it Ellen's crazy selfie that reached three million retweets? Yes, that's THREE MILLION! And in case you don't know, the previous record was held by President Obama with just over 750k!

The red carpet was really mixed this year, without the huge trends that we're used to. But I think we can all agree that Charlize Theron looked a million dollars as usual. It was no surprise that Gravity ran away with many of the technical awards, but the night was shared with 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers' Club.

Hairstyles were also really mixed, with some gorgeous pixie cuts and rolled under up-does. We loved Sandra Bullocks waves and Jared Leto even sported an ombre. Olivia Wilde was absolutely stunning, incredibly pregnant and just classic.

The speeches were a mixed bunch, ranging from the gracious and fabulous from Jared Leto, to the, well, rather self-righteous from winner of the Best Male Actor, Matthew McConaughey. Lupita, the star of 12 Years, was radiant and delivered a wonderful speech, but for us the highlight were the three musical numbers. What about you?

Finally, last year saw the first ever Oscar for Hair and Make Up but we're a little disappointed that it's been rather overlooked and really focused on the make up. We think both should be a huge part of a great movie, don't you? #hairzoostyle