This fall, let the autumn colors and natural wonders inspire you at the salon. Hairstyles found in the wild can range from colorful toucan-inspired mohawks to curly auburn lion’s manes. Take a look at some of the top fall 2018 “wild” hair colors, styles, and trends here. Then, explore your inner wild thing with help from the hair experts at Hairzoo. We have locations in New York and California.

Fall Colors Inspire a Spectrum of Fun Highlights

The autumn season is all about color. Just as the trees turn from green to gold, your hair can transform into a jaw-dropping spectrum of fall colors. Some of the most popular tints and tones this time of year include caramel, strawberry-gold, warm reds, rich auburn, chestnut, and copper. Get a fresh new fall look by adding a bit of color to your locks.

Lioness Curls and Messy Waves

This trend comes straight from the plains of Africa – and looks amazing for fall. Debut lioness locks with messy, face-framing waves or wild curls. Warm, golden tones look great with curly and wavy “lion’s manes,” as the texture highlights the different colors in the hair. Finding the right tone is important for easy maintenance as your hair grows out. Strive for gold with light red undertones to really bring out the wild lion look.

Panda Bear Buns

Get inspiration from your favorite Asian bears with panda hair buns. Separate your hair in half. Then, tie each half into a high pony. On the last twist of the ponytail holder, only pull your hair through partway to form a bear “ear.” Make the ear as big or small as you want. Then, pull the rest of your hair on each side through the center of the “ear” to hide it. Fan both sides of each bun out and pin them to your hair for a cute bear-inspired fall look. Whichever wild-inspired fall 2018 look speaks to you, come to Hairzoo for a transformation.