Golisano Hospital Stroll

184On June 1st this year, Hairzoo was proud to support the Golisano Hospital's Stroll for Kids. It's an annual event to raise money for the region's only children's hospital and so it's a vital fund raising event for the whole community. This year, the event was construction-themed as everyone is getting excited about the new hospital building that's underway right now.

Clearly, at an event such as this, there are going to be touching stories from families of heroism, winning battles and heartbreaking losses. This year was no different. However, the staff were really overwhelmed by the positivity and smiles of everyone who took part. Some of the comments from Hairzoo attendees included:

"It saddened me to see these children and yet I was so surprised to see them so happy and outgoing. Awesome families!! They lined up to get colored hair, feathers and just to talk. They loved it and actually walked away talking about it."

"Some kids got the names of the kids that they were walking for sprayed on there arms and faces. To see all the support from families, friends and the public was overwhelming in a great way. The stories that were shared with us were so sad. We even had Sarah a stylist at the Newark location come up to us and introduce her family who was walking to support her baby nephew."

Stroll was a resounding success, drawing almost 5,500 participants and raising a record-breaking $415,000 for Golisano Children's Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Hairzoo was delighted to be a part of it. For some of the pictures of the children and their crazy hair colors, visit our Facebook page.

The new Golisanon Hospital