Curling wands are great but not every girl can work her way around it. If you love curls but don't really like or know how to use a curling wand, here's a great trick that'll help your achieve the prettiest curls using a hair straighter and a few pieces of tin foil wrap.

So, here's what you do, divide your hair in sections or just grab random sections. Wrap a section of hair around two fingers and as soon as you gather a curled up section around your fingers, wrap a tin foil around it.

Once that section is wrapped and secure, clamp it with a flat iron and press on it for 20 seconds. Let the foil cool for another 30-40 seconds before you unwrap the sections.

Or you can repeat the same process on all the sections and unwrap the tin foil together at the end. And you are done. Enjoy pretty curls without a curling wand.

One big benefit of curling hair in this manner is that your hair won't get any direct heat, hence, less damage.