step by stepThis is our secret teasing trick to keep even the finest hair full all day long! It's a great trick we use for teasing hair in the salon. We use it all the time when doing blowdry styles, or updos. And it's quick and easy to do for you at home too. Just follow the steps and the pictures:

Step 1: On Dry hair, take 1 inch sections, and hold 90 degrees from head. (Refer to picture #1)
Step 2: Using a teasing brush, comb hair downward towards scalp repeatedly, creating a "cushion" at the base. (Refer to picture #2)
Step 3: Spray Sebastian Shaper Classic, or any other salon professional flexible hold hairspray, on the teased section at the base. Immediately after, place hairspray can underneath section and hold for 5-10 seconds. (Refer to picture #3)
Step 4: Remove can, and repeat steps 1-3 through out top/crown area of head. When completed it should look like pictures 4 and 5!
Step 5: Using your teasing brush, lightly brush the top of all of your hair, smoothing everything out. Finish with a light spray of the Sebastian Shaper Classic Spray, and your favorite shine spray. (Ours is Goldwell Diamond Gloss)

Here's your new hairstyle! This can also work with men's bouffant styles, add body to a ponytail, and many other endless possibilities! Enjoy!before and after