Diptic Diptic2Curly hair is naturally more dry and frizzy than straight hair. Wondering why? It's because curly hair always has an open cuticle on the hair shaft, which can cause frizz, fly-aways, and unruliness.

Want to know the main trick with taming curly hair, whether it is fine or course, thick or thin? MOISTURE! Curly hair is naturally more "thirsty" than straight hair.

Here are some of Hairzoo salon secrets on how to keep your natural curly locks without weighing it down:



  1. NEVER use a towel on your hair to get the water out. Why? Because the fibers on a towel rough up the cuticle more than it already is. Instead, use an old t-shirt and simply scrunch your hair to squeeze the moisture out rather than roughing it up with a towel.
  2. NEVER brush or comb your hair after washing it. This will keep your hair in its natural curly state without interrupting the curl pattern. If it feels tangled try a shower brush and comb through it while your conditioner is in. Curls aren't meant to be perfect so let them do their thing!
  3. MOISTURE! Always, always, always use a leave in conditioner (for thin, finer hair) or an oil or serum (for thicker, course hair). This helps seal down the hair cuticle and reduce frizz so your natural curl will shine through!
  4. PRODUCT! Try to always use a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. These ingredients can tend to cause more frizz, which is NOT ideal for curly hair! Try using the Curly Sexy shampoo and conditioner. You always want to use some sort of curl enhancing product. My personal favorites are from the "Curly Sexy Hair" line that Hairzoo carries. For more course thick hair try the Curly Sexy Curl Crme. For finer, thinner hair try using the Curly Sexy Spray Foam!
  5. Diffuse or let it air dry. If you're diffusing your hair, keep the blow dryer on low heat to avoid frizz, and only dry 80% of the way. If air drying, continuously scrunch your hair as it dries to ensure your curls form to their full potential!


You guys have it a little easier. But, as you have noticed men... if you have curly hair, you too tend to get frizziness or fly aways!

  1. MOISTURE! Try using a rinse out conditioner after shampooing. This will add moisture without weighing the hair down. Most men tend to only use shampoo which can strip the hair of all of its natural oils, and can potentially cause more frizz! I recommend the Crew Stimulating Conditioner, or the Mitch Double Hitter which is a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner in one!
  2. PRODUCT! Instead of a gel or something heavy, try a styling cream. This will enhance your curl without making it look hard or sticky. The Crew Curl Construct would be great for finer hair, and the Crew Curl Control would work great for thicker hair! Simply apply a pea size in hands, work into hands like lotion, and run through your hair! Gives it a natural, put together, look.