How to curl with a flat iron.

Benefits of this technique:

  • Curls last longer than with curling iron.
  • Gives more of a beachy wave when it starts to fall.
  • In short hair, the length stays about the same when curled.

What is the difference between a shine and a matte finish in men's styling products?

IMG_2122Shine:A product with shine will present a very clean, polished finish. It will give you the "greaser" or "wet" look. A product with shine is best used on thicker hair. Our favorite recommendation is the Sebastian Shine Crafter. It is actually a wax, and does not get hard when dries, but has a nice hold and finish to it.

Matte: A product with a matte finish will present a more natural look. If you want to add texture or body to a men's cut, a matte product is what you need! Our favorite recommendation is the Sebastian Craft Clay. It is a flexible holding product, does not get hard when it dries, but looks almost as if there is no product in it. A matte product is great with any hair texture, and will not weigh down finer hair.