photo(8)Hairzoo News is back after the holiday break! This time we firstly look at corrective color. Turning an attempted at home color gone wrong into a beautiful masterpiece. This guest tried to lift out dark boxed color off of her hair onher own at home and wound up with what you see in the before picture.

She wanted to go blonde but we explained to her that with how much bleach she had already used on her hair, to protect the integrity of her hair that just wasn't a possibility. So instead she wanted to try something different and fun and we wound up with a color ombr which is one if our favorite things to do right now.

Morale of the story: don't do it at home! But if you find yourself in need of help come in and see us and we will turn an uh oh into a beautiful color!



photo(9)For Men, we look at the advantages of a tapered hairline:

1) An invisible hairline! Everything looks like it just melts right in perfectly!
2) Keeps the back of your neck cleaner for a longer period of time.
3) Everythinggrows back in evenly, so you don't have to worry about that "bushy", unclean look when your hair does start growing in.
4) Anyone with pesky cowlicks at the base of your hairline, this is just about the only thing that will hide that. Taking your hairline up is too drastic and very noticeable and simply looks like you got a weird haircut, tapering the hairline where the cowlick is will tame it because your cutting itshorter, but your not completely taking the hairline away, leaving you with a clean cut look.

These are just some of the advantages of doing a tapered hairline. We taper lots of maleclients, using clippers on because once we explain to them what it does they want it! A lot of men just don't realize what it is or the advantages of it. Another great example of how important it is to pass on our education to our guests!