Recreating your nails doesn't need much time or effort. All it requires is some cute nail paints, creative hands and great ideas. Check out these chic nail art you'd be tempted to try.

Create this beautiful nature themed nail art with sky blue base and black birds flying around.


Here's one for the social media addicts. This one's not quite easy to create by yourself (unless you are a great artist) but looks incredible.


If you are not looking for something too fancy then this should do just fine. It's simple, elegant and it's a 'bumble bee'. Who wouldn't want this?


This super awesome dice nail art is quite easy to create and looks edgy too.


Though this is more apt for Halloween, you can still wear it if you are bold enough to pull it off anyway.


This candy theme nail art needs more than just nail paint but I am sure it would be worth it at the end.


Here's a cool kiwi nail art for fruit lovers. This design doesn't take much time and really stands out.