ConditioningConditioning Treatments

With the cold weather that we've been experiencing it can cause our hair to feel very dry, frizzy and unruly. Conditioning treatment can be very beneficial to help maintain healthy looking hair.

Using the right treatment for your hair type can have added advantages, such as extra rich moisture, color treated hair, or highlights. Conditioning treatments put back the moisture, shine and strength to your hair damaged from coloring, highlighting, blow drying, flat ironing and everyday styling. So when you're at home on a snowy, gloomy day, take advantage and give your hair the moisture and nutrients it needs.

Shampoo your hair first then rinse in the hottest water you can stand, because the hot water will open the cuticle of the hair for deep penetration of the treatment, towel dry and start combing the conditioner from ends up until about midshaft. Then wrap up in a towel and leave on for an hour.

You always want to make sure you rinse well because conditioning treatments are very thick and will stay in the hair shaft if not properly rinsed, resulting in greasy looking hair. Rinsing in warm water first then switching to cooler water works best because cooler water will close the cuticle of the hair, resulting in smoother, shinier hair! We always recommend a deep conditioning treatment at least once a month. Try it with Goldwell 60 second treatment.


image(4)Tips for styling and texturizing men's cuts

It's very important that the proper styling products are chosen for your hair type. Gel is better for shorter hair to spike it or do the messy look. Paste is best to add texture and shine to shorter hair, as well as wax, which has more of a shine factor. Shaping creams have more fibers in them to give you more of a hold with out getting too hard, and this is the best tool for a fun messy look with out the shine or hard hold. Shaping creams are also good because if you want to restyle your hair all you have to do is add a little water to reactivate the fibers found in the product. So have fun with trying new things to your hair!!