Picture Source- Mymodernment


Remember the colorful sand art we used to love as kids and even filled bottles with bright-colored sand on holidays? Now, imagine those colors on luscious locks of hair. THAT's sand art hair and the trend has attracted a great deal of attention in the recent months.

From ombre to grey hair trend, women have experimented with various trends over the past few years but the latest fad have seen girls dying their hair in variety of different shades and it looks majestic.

For the colors to show bright and beautiful, the stylist would first dye the client's hair platinum blonde. The stylist would then take 5-6 hair colors as per the customer's preference and saturate each section of hair in hair color.

Once the hair is washed and styled, it pretty much looks magical.

Despite how attractive and gorgeous this hair trend looks, it isn't for everyone as it requires some serious upkeep to maintain the color on the roots.

Girls can go for a set of bright colors like yellow, saffron, fuchsia, or they can opt for a bunch of soft colors.

This look is surely for the bold, but undoubtedly a great way to revamp a girl's regular appearance.