We all experience super busy days when there is just no time to get dressed or style our hair like we wish to. Even worse, when our hair doesn't seem to agree with us at all and makes us look like a clown. Don't worry though; here are 5 incredible hacks to tackle a bad hair day.


Hairspray: When experiencing a bad hair day, hairspray should be a must to tame unmanageable hair. When doing a top knot, apply some hairspray and tease your hair first to add volume.


Bandana: Style your hair in a bun, side braid or a ponytail and wrap a cute bandana around your head to cover the oily texture and divert attention from the hair.


Bow: Add a pretty bow to your hairstyle. It can be added to half up and half down hair, low bun, a top knot and braids too.


Baby Powder: If you run out of dry shampoo on a bad hair day, make use of baby powder. It works just as well as dry shampoo. Sprinkle some powder on the scalp and using your fingers massage the powder into the scalp.


Tease: Teasing will help your hair achieve the volume and texture they require to be styled in any form even on a bad hair day.