We received this 5 star review at our Santa Monica location that we just had to share!

I just left about an hour ago, and I can honestly say I am so happy I decided to go with this hair studio.
It's been a little over a year since my last haircut, and I wanted to keep it long, at the same time was ready to venture on with the hairstyles.
After weeks of deliberation I decided it was time and I just had to go and cut my hair.

Walking in, i was welcomed by about 3 friendly women, I told them my name and that I was ready for a haircut. I sat down for about 50 seconds before one of them called my name. As I sat down she offered me tea, beer, water or a mimosa (this never happens in upstate NY) and of course I got a mimosa!
I showed her a picture of what I wanted, she took her time making sure sections were even and that I was sure this is what I wanted. Then it was time!!!
After it was done she styled it and gave me some tips on what products would work the best!
I walked out amazed at how good it came out, how friendly everyone was, and overall just how wonderful this place is.

Now I could've gone to a men's only barber shop, a luxury hair salon in Beverly (where I live), or gotten my hair butchered by some random...
However Yelp and my gut instinct told me THIS IS YOUR NEW HAIR PLACE. I'm so glad I went with it! I believe it was Morgan who cut my hair ( so bad with remembering names )
So thank you Morgan!!


Evan M.