Second or third day hair shouldn't be near excess products or hot appliances. If you realize you don't have the time to wash your hair, well, in that case here are a few clever ways that will help you transform your hair from 'uhh' to uhh-mazing.

#1 Twisted Rope

Divide your hair in two sections and secure them in a twisted rope style. You can leave it on for a couple hours or sleep with it on.

#2 Simple Twist

Spare less than five minutes before bed and divide your hair in two sections. Twist each section and clip them on top of your head. Sleep with it on. Take the clips off and apply some texturizing or shine serum.

#3 Tube Sock Curls

Wrap each section around a tube sock and tie the ends to secure the section. Sleep on it and remove the sock the next morning to unveil bouncy natural curls.

#4 Headband Curls

This is another effortless technique to get soft curls. Wear a headband and wrap your hair, section by section around the headband. Sleep with it on and remove the headband in the morning.

#5 Rolled and Pinned Up

Pin up thin rolled up sections and leave it on for a couple hours or overnight for luscious curls.