Flat, thin hair is not a good look and even the prettiest hairstyle is bound to look bad if your hair isn't prepped for extra volume. After a certain age, our locks tend to flatten out and look a bit lifeless. Aside from regular hair care routine, it is necessary that you know some easy tricks to add instant volume into your locks for a more attractive look.

Here are 5 simple tricks that'll give your hair instant volume effortlessly.


  1. Root Lifting Spray

A root lifting spray should be every girl's best friend, especially on a bad hair day. A couple sprays into the roots will ensure that your hair appear naturally full and lifted.

2. Instant Blowout

You could come to Hairzoo or pick up a barrel brush and hair dryer to blow dry your own hair like a pro. This blow drying technique works great for then hair as the blow dryer fills air into the locks making it look bouncy. Wet hair- flip your hair upside down and blowdry to get from wet to damp hair. Section off the hair, blowout each individuals sections using a round brush, pull from the root down.

3. Tease Hair

Teasing is no rocket science ladies! Of course you can go to a stylist to get this done on special occasions but on regular days all you need is a teasing comb and hairspray.

When teasing hair, make sure to backcomb in one direction and not go back and forth as doing so will break and damage your hair.

4.Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo for the roots and a curling iron for the ends is a perfect combination to transform your hair from looking 'blah' to voluminous and gorgeous.