Men who look gloriously well groomed and put together every day, surely spend time and effort on looking that way.

In today's day and age it's not only acceptable but necessary for guys to pay attention to their looks. And it is absolutely okay for them to spend a little extra time and money on maintaining their appearance, especially when it comes to hair and personal hygiene.

Here are 5 grooming habits that every man should start following.

1| Keep Your Nails Clean and Trimmed

There's nothing more frightening than a guy who has long and filthy nails. This goes for both, hands and feet. Cut your nails once a week -- ideally after a warm bath when the nails are soft and easier to trim. Keep your nails clean and moisturized to avoid dryness and dead skin.

2| Maintain Your Eyebrows

Whether it's thin or big brows you have, sorting out stray hair every once in a while will make them look put together. We aren't suggesting that you get your brows plucked every week but trimming them and getting rid of stray hairs will make your face look more structured and clean.

3| Stick to Your Regular Stylist

Changing barbers whenever it's time for a haircut is rather risky for your style. It's alright to test a new barber if you are facing trouble with your current guy but otherwise, it's sensible to stay put as your regular barber knows your style and preference.

4|Groom Your Stubble

Yes we understand that shaving and trimming the beard can be a slothful task but guess what, uneven and awfully big beard won't make you look groomed. If you like your face absolutely clean, shave every other day to maintain a healthy skin and tidy appearance.

We won't judge if you dig Leonardo DiCaprio's current bearded look, just make sure to trim your beard so it's levelled and tidy.

5| Exfoliate Your Face

This may seem a bit time consuming but it will help you get rid of dead skin on the most exposed areas on your face. Everyone's skin develops dead skin due to exposure to pollution, dust and the sun so, scrub your face once a week and moisturize afterward to keep your skin healthy and smooth.