With so many options around, it can be quite challenging to choose the right hair brush that suits your regular hair care needs. Particularly, it is exigent to determine which styling brush to be used at specific points. Hopefully, 5 of these best brushes should help in maintaining your beautiful mane.

All Purpose- The Wet Brush


The Wet Brush costs under $9 and offers soft, extra long bristles to help you detangle hair with ease. It has gentle balls at the tip of the bristles that massages into the scalp to improve hair growth. This type of hair brush is ideal for wavy to straight hair texture.

Blowout Essential


For an instant lift-me-up use a round barrel brush that helps to achieve a natural look by adding volume and texture to your locks. Thanks to its ceramic/tourmaline core that speeds the heating process for a quick style. Spornette Prego Brush is one of the most used which comes in various sizes for a variety of hair texture and style.

Flat Paddle Brush


A flat paddle brush is especially great for thin, straight hair. This brush is also great to add shine and volume using the blowout technique.

For Curly Hair


This wide-spaced bristle brush is best for wavy to curly hair texture. It helps detangle coarse hair effortlessly.

Teasing Brush



A tad bit of hair teasing is an essential step of every hairstyle to give the look a natural lift. Use a quality teasing brush that offers soft bristles to manage fine, layered locks.