Accessorize your hair

Nothing says holiday like accessorized hair. Rather than wearing your hair in the same old style, try a cute new hairstyle and add an accessory to it. You can choose a bow clip, a headband, flower clip etc. The idea is to look different and adorable.


Gold Eyes

Since we are talking about a festive moment, your appearance on this special day should say that out loud and must stand out (in a good way ofcourse). Apply gold eye shadow in a smokey eye makeup technique. This will not only express the holiday mood but will also make your eyes pop and look absolutely glamorous.

Tip: Make sure to apply your primer first so your eye makeup can stay in place all day.


Long Lasting Lips

Thanksgiving is a festival of togetherness where you eat, drink, hug and kiss family and friends all day and it is inevitable to ruin your lipstick. So our advice is to keep it simple but long lasting. Rather than overloading your lips with excess lip sheer try this effective trick to make your lipstick last all day. Applying a thin layer of concealer before the lip shade will make your lipstick last all day.


Add Color to Your Hair

There is no better opportunity to try a new hair color than during the holidays. You get a tone of feedback and suggestions from family and friends so you would really know whether the hair really suits you. If you are not up for anything drastic then go for light highlights or ombre that will add some variation to dull hair.


Double Winged Eyeliner

You've heard of the winged eyeliner but what about the double winged liner? Here's a perfect chance and occasion to try this eyeliner look. It looks absolutely gorgeous and accentuates your eyes in the best way possible.