Styling your hair the same way all year round can be so boring. As we bid farewell to Winter (for now :p), it's time to welcome the best season of all -- Spring! And what's better than welcoming the season with new Spring outfits and hairstyles... let's throw some light on those new Spring hairstyles... Here are 5 really fun and easy hairstyles to switch up your look this Spring.


1| Dutch Braid Pigtails


Style your hair in this adorable Dutch braid pigtails. Divide your hair in two sections. Take one section and do a reverse French braid on it. Once you reach the nape of your neck, secure it with a hair elastic. Tease the ponytail for some volume and repeat the same on the other section.

2| Big Messy Curls


Many girls will be seen flaunting natural looking curls this Spring and so should you. Big, loose curls will be perfect for this Spring. Apply a little curling mousse on damp hair and curl your mane using a large barrel curling wand. To get natural looking curls, you can blow dry while scrunching your hair upward with your hands. Once done, fluff your hair for volume by teasing the ends with a flat brush. Apply a shot of setting spray and you are done. Wear a barrette for a fancier look.


3| Braided Bun


This braided bun adds a fun twist to a regular top knot. Tease the crown and tie you hair in a ponytail. Make it as high or low as you like. Braid the ponytail in a regular braid. Use a hair elastic to tightly secure the braid once you reach the end and tug on the loops to loosen the braid. Twist the braid around the base to create a bun. Flair the braid for a neat look and secure the bun with a couple of bobby pins.

4| The New Half Up Half Down Bun


You have probably tried the ol' half up half down bun... but it's time for something new...Here's a more quirky version of the half up half down bun. Divide your hair into two sections by separating the top and bottom half of your hair and ensure to gather more hair on the top section. Leave a few pieces out to frame your face. Don't worry about making it look very neat as this hairdo looks better when it's messy. Hold the top section slightly above the nape of your neck and twist it to create a little bun. Secure it with a hair tie and tease the bottom hair for some texture and volume.


Hope you'll enjoy creating these fun Spring hairstyles. Which one was your favorite?