Every women feels like getting all dressed up and styling her hair in the best and most unique way possible but we all know it's next to impossible to spend that kind of time on the hair every single day. With the busy schedules we ladies have, it's a blessing that we manage to wash our hair when it needs to be washed.

For those of you who are juggling work, home and life and don't usually get the time to dress your hair like you wish to, here are 3 simple, no-heat hairstyles that are perfect to be worn every day at work, college, for shopping etc.



The Low Rolled Bun -- This easy bun can be styled in less than 2 minutes and requires a hair tie, bobby pins and your hands. Follow the steps mentioned above and you'll have yourself a pretty rolled bun.


Beachy Waves -- To achieve beachy waves without a curling iron, follow this process the night before and sleep on it. You'll wake up to beautiful, manageable waves. This technique also helps in getting rid of frizz.


  • Damp your hair using spray bottle and divide them in two sections.
  • Take one section and start twisting it away from your face.
  • Once you are done twisting all the way, bring the section up on your head like a headband and pin it in place.
  • Do the same to the other section and sleep on it.
  • Unpin your hair in the morning to unveil sweet beachy waves.