Every woman dreams of having lustrous, shiny and healthy hair but only few are blessed with naturally beautiful, thick hair. There's no reason to lose hope if you aren't gifted with bouncy and naturally healthy hair because a regular effective hair routine can help you transform your hair boring and lifeless to absolutely radiant that every girl will envy. Follow these 10 hair commandments to increase the life and beauty of your mane.


1| Protect Your Hair

The sun, pollution and dirt can damage our hair just as much as they damage our skin when it is over exposed. To avoid any real damage, be sure to protect your hair from harmful UV rays and dirt by misting your hair with moisturizing spray that's enriched with UV protection. Also make sure to always cover your head with a scarf when at the beach.


2| Lock-in Moisture with Cold Water

Most women tend to wash their hair with hot water which is really bad for the hair follicles as hot water can strip away our hair's natural moisture. To lock-in your hair's moisture, shampoo and condition with warm water and lastly rinse with cold water. Your hair will feel healthier and shinier too.


3| Healthy Food = Healthy Hair

90 percent of our hair is what we eat as it's is made of protein so it is sensible to up your protein intake. Eat more greens and natural foods to supply essential nutrients to your mane. Avoid eating excess processed and fatty foods as they don't have real nutrients and aren't healthy for your hair.


4| Don't Comb Wet Hair

The hair becomes weak and brittle when damp, so always towel dry your hair and avoid brushing them while they are wet. Wet hair are prone to breakage and brushing them while still wet can increase the risk of developing split ends.


5| Use of Heat Appliances Should be Limited

We live in a world where we can hardly survive without using a flat iron, hair dryer or a curling wand even though we are fully aware of effect it can have on the health of our hair. Even so, we can't completely quit using heat appliances however, if you wish to maintain the health of your mane, you should limit their use. Avoid curling or straightening your hair everyday and whenever you do, be sure to prep your hair with a good heat protectant to prevent drying or burning your hair.


6| Shampoo the Roots, Condition the Ends

When washing your hair, apply shampoo on your scalp only. Lather and massage your scalp thoroughly to cleanse it. Not many of us are aware of this but it's not really necessary to actually apply shampoo all over your hair as the only area that really requires cleansing is the 'scalp'. The ends get clean when your rinse your hair. Plus, the ends don't get that dirty anyway. As far as conditioning is concerned, you should be doing the opposite. Since the roots are new, they don't need any conditioning. So, only apply conditioner to the most damaged part of your hair -- the 'ends'. You can apply the remnant of the product on your palm to your roots and massage it in for a few seconds before rinsing it.

7| Nourish Your Hair

The key to have nourished hair is providing proper care to them. Apply deep conditioning hair mask and hair oil every once a week. Doing this will give your hair the nourishment and moisture it needs to stay shiny and lustrous.


8| Use Ouchless Hair Ties

Tying your hair with the wrong hair ties can damage the roots and hair follicles. Be sure not to tie your hair too tight and whenever you do, tie them up with smooth ouchless hair elastics only.


9| Trim your Hair Ever Six Weeks

Most women think it's not a big deal to get their hair trimmed periodically. As a matter of fact, by getting your hair trimmed every six weeks you can prevent hair problems such as thinning of hair, hair fall and dry hair. It's all about keeping the roots and ends healthy. So, get your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks.


10| Do Not Wash Your Hair Everyday

It is soooo NOT necessary to wash your hair every single day. Washing hair everyday can do more harm than good but most women are not even aware about it. Doing so can strip away natural oils from the scalp and can make them too dry and brittle. As a result, our scalp starts over-producing oil which can be very unhealthy.


Do you follow these hair commandments? Do have any important hair rule that makes your hair beautiful and healthy?